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I've always been a church musician, but didn't start writing music until I was thirty-five years old. My love for God and his beautiful message about Jesus in the Bible finally melded with my love for music, and "True Songs" Christian contemporary songs were the first result.


These are peaceful songs about everyday Christian life- joy, forgiveness, grief, prayer, and more. I have lyric videos of these on my YouTube channel. Just listen, or purchase sheet music and sing from your own piano bench.


After seven years of songwriting, I met Chris Driesbach, a traveling WELS* singer, when he gave a concert at my previous little country church. He was kind enough to encourage me, and we began writing some songs together.


Fast-forward to present day, and you can find many of our dual efforts on his CDs. He's performed his own music and our co-written songs all over the U.S. I transcribe and sell our sheet music here on my site.  You'll find both adult sheet music and songs for kids.  But I know a lot of grown-ups who sing along to the kid songs, and a lot of kids who love the songs for grown-ups!


Check out all of Chris's music on his website,


I finally also ventured into writing hymn arrangements, songs for kids, SATB choir pieces, and vocal duets and trios.


Some are self-published on the site Sheet Music Plus.

Others are published with the wonderful WELS* publishing company, Northwestern Publishing House.

All thanks to God for his wonderful gift of music!

*Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

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